D3D photography and Videography


 Friends, let me tell you, being a new entrepreneur can be such an exciting and exhilarating journey! But, as with anything new, there can be some intimidating factors that can make us feel a bit uneasy. And one of the most common fears I’ve come across is the anxiety of being photographed for headshots. There […]

The Ultimate Guide to Acing your Headshots

When it comes to your business, your goal is always to ensure that potential clients get the right impression.  And when you represent your business, you go out of your way to dress appropriately, and look your best.  We do this because we know that the way we look in front of others can inspire […]

What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?

A key portion of working for yourself is establishing a presence for your brand and that includes being the face of your company AKA getting your headshots taken. Many of my clients fear getting their headshots taken for many reasons, usually holding off on taking them until forced into a scenario where they are needed […]

6 of the most essential tips for knock-out headshots