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Congratulations to all the High school seniors out there! You did it! You survived the endless pile of homework, the pop quizzes, the cafeteria food, and all the drama that comes with being a teenager. Now you get to enter the real world, and I'm here to celebrate your achievements with you and your journey into adulthood. I'm here to capture YOU as you are RIGHT NOW in this moment, with all of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences.
You'll only be a senior once in your lifetime, so let's make some memories!       YOLO!


from all the other photographers my approach to photography. I don't simply capture images of your interests, but I am also dedicated to becoming a part of your transition into adulthood and are fully present in every step of the process- kinda like a really loyal BFF! This personal touch makes my work unique and memorable, creating lasting memories.

Here's what makes me different

You are unique and your pictures should  be, too.

My approach to photoshoots is to capture the individuality of each person and experience. 


We order in!

After the photoshoot, (or even before the photoshoot ends), we will take a break and order your favorite take out. My treat!


Session Day Styling

Ready to look your absolute best "101?" On the date of your photoshoot, we provide services to help you with the perfect hairstyle and makeup for a unique and confident look that is authentic to you.  


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