D3D photography and Videography


A lot of my clients take family photos but then don’t know what to do with them afterwards. That’s why I created this list of 7 practical ways to preserve your family photos so that you can have these photos to pass down to future generations. Create digital and/ or physical photo albums- If you’ve […]

7 ideas for what to do with your photographs after your family photography session

Cheerleading has evolved tremendously from an almost “side-lined” activity accompanying college-related sporting events to a highly physical “stand-alone” competitive sport. It is one of the most popular forms of extracurricular activity for young boys and girls to imbibe in them the love for sports, and fitness, as well as help them develop confidence and mental […]

The 3 best Cheer gyms in Northern Virginia

A key portion of working for yourself is establishing a presence for your brand and that includes being the face of your company AKA getting your headshots taken. Many of my clients fear getting their headshots taken for many reasons, usually holding off on taking them until forced into a scenario where they are needed […]

6 of the most essential tips for knock-out headshots