Damon DEcker

headshot & Brand photographer

Hello there! I am absolutely, positively, obsessed with meeting and surpassing your expectations. I'm your fun- loving, coffee- drinking, dog- obsessed, clean- cut, comical headshot photographer and I want you to know that I  understand your nervousness. I am a master at doing things that I don't want to do and I'll teach you also.

Listen. You are not alone in this. Most people put off getting their headshots for this very reason, among others.
I have a knack for making people comfortable. It's like my superpower! It all started when I was young, at age 12.....
Well you don't want to know that, but you may want to read more about me...

How much does the idea of headshots make you feel vulnerable? 

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Trusting an individual with your headshots is like trusting a friend with your bank account- it's serious business.
Luckily, I give the utmost seriousness when you hire me to take your headshots. I will guide you every step of the way, even when you have never been in front of the camera before, you will feel like a pro by the time we are done with your session. Kiss insecurities goodbye. Say "so long" to your nervousness.

You will leave with a confidence after our experience together and will be ready to embark your new entrepreneurial journey and hopefully with me as your new friend, I can continue to help you in your entrepreneurial journey!

The visuals that people see of you, reveal an intriguing and compelling story they will all want to know.-

Professional headshots for  entrepreneurs

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